Trail Information

Near Town Trails

Trail Name Length Use Rating Description
Indian River Trail 4.5 miles one way - 2-3 hours one-way beginning multiuse, remainder hike only Moderate Relaxing walk through northwest coast rainforest with views of the Sisters Mountain, wildlife and more.
Sitka's Cross Trail 1 mile to 8 miles bike and walk Easy Wide and accessible new gravel trail connecting neighborhoods, parks, and schools.
Mount Verstovia Trail 2 1/2 miles - 3 hours one-way hike Difficult Lower hill slope was logged by Russians in 1860. Great view of surrounding area from the top.
Harbor Mountain - Gavan Hill Trail 2 1/2 miles one-way hike Easy at beginning to Difficult Begins near downtown. Forest and muskeg boardwalk to the intersection with the Cross Trail. Then staircases, switchbacks, and log steps with a steep climb.  Great views of surrounding area. Can continue to Harbor Mt, or check out the nice shelter cabin at the top.
Sitka National Historical Park 1 1/2 miles - 1 hour one-way walk Easy Commemorates the site of the Battle of Sitka between the Tlingit Indians and the Russians in 1804. Traditional and historic totem poles line the trails throughout the park.

Further from Town Trails

Trail Name Length Use Rating Description
Beaver Lake / Herring Cove Trail Loop 1 3/4 miles - 1 hour one-way hike Moderate Popular trail well suited to family outings. Views of nearby rugged mountains, wildlife and muskeg.
Halibut Point State Recreation Site 1/2 mile walk Easy Oceanfront park; 3 picnic shelter, easy access to beach, wildlife and restroom facilities.
Harbor Mountain - Gavan Hill Trail 2-6 miles - 4-6 hours can be loop to Gavan Trail hike Difficult At the summit, excellent views of Sitka Sound, Baranof Island, Kruzof Island, Mt Edgecumbe and more peaks. Eagles and deer can be seen frequently along the trail when above tree line. Could shuttle a car at Harbor Mtn.
Thimbleberry Lake / Heart Lake Trail 1 1/4 mile - 1 hour one way hike and bike Moderate Trail head 4 miles southeast of town, on Sawmill Creek Road. Nice view of Heart Lake. Bears often frequent the area of the trail.
Starrigavan ATV Trails Varies ATV, but some bike and hike Moderate to Challenging Small network of roads and trails built primarily for ATV use. All users use caution. Fast speeds and blind corners can present hazards.
Starrigavan Estuary Life / Forest & Muskeg Trails 1 1/2 miles - 1 hour one-way walk Easy Upper Starrigavan Valley View with signs and displays to help you learn about the forest and muskeg environment.  Estuary Life portion helps you learn about the Estuary ecosystem.
Medvejie Lake Trail 3/4 mile one way hike Moderate Rough trail through downed timber from the hatchery to the lake. The trailhead is unmarked but is at the end of the access road through the employee houses. Hatchery staff doesn't mind pointing out the trail to hikers when they aren't busy.
Mosquito Cove Trail 1 1/2 miles hike Moderate The North Loop from Starrigavan Campground follows the beach & forest fringe to Mosquito Cove and loops back through forested hillside.

Out of Town (boat or floatplane access)

Trail Name Length Use Rating Description
Mount Edgecumbe Trail 13 1/2 miles round trip - All Day hike Difficult Accessible only by boat. Strenuous hike to the summit of the extinct volcano with several steep climbs. Elevation gain is 3,000 feet from the trail head to the top. Spectacular views from the top and impressive crater of the volcano.
SeaLion Cove Trail (Kruzof Is) 2 1/2 miles - 1 hour one-way hike Moderate Remote trail on northern Kruzof Island. Boat or floatplane access. Spectacular old-growth forest, muskeg, and 2-mile long sandy beach on the open ocean. Anchorage in Kalinin Bay.
Lake Eva Trail 1 3/4 mile to lake one-way hike Moderate In Peril Strait - Hanus Bay. Nice scenic trail to the lake through old-growth along a pretty river. The cabin is on the opposite side of the lake and not reachable without a boat. Trail upgrades for accessibility and cabin replacement planned for 2011.
Salmon / Redoubt Lakes 2 miles one way hike Moderate Trail is reached by boat with hike up Salmon-Redoubt Lake Trail from Silver Bay mooring buoy/ anchorage.
Kruzof Island ATV trails Varies ATV,  bike and hike Easy to difficult Miles and miles of trails and beaches to explore crisscrossing this volcanic island.
White Sulphur Hot Springs 1 mile one way hike Difficult Gorgeous remote challenging outer coast hot springs and Forest Service cabin. Trail connects Mirror Harbor anchorage to the cabin. Remnants of other trails.